August 30, 2006
Dixie is gone...

Well, Dixie's Grandma, she was on her way out to her daughter's house tonight because she's being born tomorrow at 12:30. I ended up giving her Dixie. I first told her that if she didn't want her, if it wasn't her style or what she was thinking that it was OK, but she loved her and said she thought it'd look great in the nursery so I gave it to her. We didn't discuss cost...I'm slightly puzzled, but I know she has a lot on her mind, so she'll take care of it later. I think I'm going to make another one for me, not sure of what colors yet, but she was fun to knit and I need to have great pictures and details to publish the pattern.

I made the decision today. I booked our trip to Las Vegas. My brother is turning 40 and it's quite a milestone birthday in my opinion considering that with having Cerebral Palsy he's already lived past his life expectancy. I know that sounds a tad morbid, but truly it's the reality and I think this is an important birthday. My mom has been anxious and hesitant, not wanting to go to Las Vegas but frankly, it's not about her and so I booked it. I told her tonight and she was upset. She said she doesn't want to go. So I told her, then don't go and truly that's how I feel about it, I'll handle it myself if I have to. So I have a lot of things to organize and I know we'll have a fabulous time.

I also have a special visitor coming the last week of September. It's someone I met on eharmony, we'll see how it goes.

Got the yarn for the baby sweater/dress and I'm actually swatching! I'm starting to see the value in it I guess. Swatching that is. So another project is started.


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