August 21, 2006
Happy Monday!

Dixie is almost done, maybe tonight I'll finish the last 6 rows and bind off. Then I have to decide if it needs a crochet border, I'm thinking yes at this point. Then I have to weave in ends and wash and dry. I really like it and can't wait to show you finished pics! I've picked my next project which is Samantha! I love this and I have a special little girl in mind. I bought the yarn but couldn't decide on the color or type of yarn so I got enough in two shades and types of yarn. I'll decide when it gets here.

Yuki is coming tonight for our monthly body massage. Great timing, I've dealt with headaches/migraines all weekend. Yesterday I did get out of the house and meet a new friend for coffee. I got a little sunburned, it was so nice outside.

I've finished all my requirements for my company to be an appointed agent so I should know this week if I'm approved! It's gratifying that I've done it, it's behind me. So I guess it's time to make an update on my small goals and decide what is at the top of the list now.

Have to get to work, have a great day!!

I forgot to mention that i'm waiting on a shipment of cotton yarn for the dishcloth swap. I can't say too much b/c my gift recipient doesn't have a blog but she has my address and i'd like her to be a little surprised. I also finished one of her cloths in a new pattern i hadn't tried before that I got out of Creative Knitting. I like the look of it, and i also knit a wine cozy with the left overs, will have to take a pic of that for you, they are adorable. I think the wine cozies will be one of my Christmas projects.

This is fun!

I'm such a joiner! But this one sounded fun! Even though I didn't do so well I'll give it a shot!

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Blogger pinky-yin said...

Hi... thanks for your encouragement...i am determind to knit a pair of socks...thanks for your offer of help...saw that you are also on the dishcloth exchange...cannot wait till my cotton arrives...been drooling over the variety of colors in cotton yarn in the US.. here downunder, we dont really have much choice in cotton...
Have a Blessed Day!!!

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Woohoo enjoy your massage! Lucky!!

Blogger Tori said...

Very cute (Samantha)! Sorry to hear about your migraines! Not fun but sounds like you've bounced back? Hope you're having a GREAT week!

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