August 27, 2006
Ta Dah! Dixie is here!

Dixie's Blankie
Here she is...What do you think? I like her very much. I haven't washed and blocked her yet, debating if I need to. I finished her Friday night. Good timing I guess since the baby who she is named after is being born Aug 31 by cesarean. So I'll get her ready for the grandma and see if she wants her. I really debated on what to charge because you never get your time out of a project but I also don't want to give away my work. I think I have a good figure in mind, I won't make a lot of profit but I'll get the yarn cost and a little more over that. I'm almost sad she is done, she was fun to knit. I have to get the pattern together now and then figure out how to get it published.

Took my brother to the mall this afternoon and then we had an early dinner at a BBQ place. It was really good but I'm having a bad tummy today. Just got home from taking him to his care facility, going to watch Intervention tonight and maybe some of the Grammy's.

Going to start working on my black/red cardigan now until the yarn for the baby dress/sweater comes in.

My boss is having a big birthday this week, going to make him a carrot cake, his favorite and I'm going to ask my coworker if she wants to go in to decorate his office. The following week is his wife's birthday, who is my other boss, so we'll do the same for her, different cake though. Her favorite is white cake with NO frosting. Can you imagine? But that's what her mom did and that's her favorite. Not sure how I'm going to do that.

And here's a pic of my crazy cat Tom. We are always surprised and it makes us laugh the places he can find to make himself comfortable. Mom was packing some stuff away and Tom decided it was a good place for him to nap.


Blogger Tori said...

Dixie is Beautiful! You're a good buddy to have around for Birthdays I must say :-). Sorry I haven't called as promised, Steven has been working a lot and when he does, Esther seems to need more attention. So by the time I'm settled it's just way too late!

Blogger kat said...

the blanket turned out lovely!

Blogger kat said...

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Blogger Lacy said...

Awesome blanket :)

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

It looks awesome!!

Anonymous Kristen said...

I'm here via Tori's blog and did a double take when I saw your cat Tom- he looks like he could be our cat Cow's twin! White with black cow spots, black eye patch on one side and all white on the other, and fat tummy!

Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

Awesome job on Dixie! I love it, and you did great.

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