September 10, 2006
May I Present the Chili Cookoff Queen!

Here she is....the one on the left! My dear Mamacita WON the 21st Annual Shubin Chili Cookoff yesterday! It was so exciting. Out of 15 entries, she was #1! The party was a lot of fun, there's was a ton of food, drink, really nice people. When mom won she said a little something and said how her husband had won in 1989 and her daughter won in 1999 (that was me!), and she was happy to win and that we had lost Dad in May and knew he was smiling down on us and happy she won. It was touching. She won a medal and a chili glass, and a chili trophy and chili placemats and napkins. Looks like we will be changing the dining room into a chili theme for awhile.

I've got a headache today, maybe PMS headache but I also had too much sugar yesterday, some wine and a brandy nightcap, think it all did not agree with me. I'm also complaining today of a general ache in my left hand and arm. It started last night, it woke me during the night and is bugging me today. I might think it's carpal tunnel except I haven't been knitting as much and why in one arm? Will try an aspirin after I eat.

The other blondie in the pic is my best friend Julie...she looked really great yesterday in her black and red outfit. She's probably the best friend a girl could have. One of her best friends Tawnya also showed and it was nice to see her. I went to Highschool with Tawnya but we weren't as close as they are, but I really enjoyed seeing her yesterday. She said maybe us 3 could get together for lunch or dinner which I would really like.

Talked to another childhood great friend yesterday. And she admitted that she looks at my blog almost everyday but I would never know that because she has NEVER left a comment...hint hint! So Mary....I'm going to blog things about you until you comment and say hello! I'll shame you into commenting! Just a warning!... :)


Blogger Gracie said...

Congratulations to Mamacita!!

Oh, and Dixie looks great - I'm sorry I haven't come by to see it before!

Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

Congrats to Auntie Anne!!!! Sounds like you had a blast. Mary, Mary, how are you, you quiet little thing, some things never change! Love, Cindy

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