September 7, 2006
Opportunities are everywhere. I have unlimited choices.

The title of today's post is my affirmation from my Louise Hay calendar. I think it's a great way to pick a title, perhaps the affirmation will be the words you need to hear today. Often when I read the days affirmation it is just what I need for that day. I am rereading Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, a copy of it is on my sidebar and if you have not read it, I HIGHLY recommend it. I read it many years ago and there were so many things in it that I needed. Truly, it changed my life. I got to a point, right before I made the move to MN, that I felt someone else needed it more than me and so I gave it to her. I'm not sure she ever read it, but I hope she did. I have always wanted to get another copy since, but I always put it off, I'd look at it in the book store, I'd practically lust after it, but put it back. The other day I went to find another book and could not find it, but what did I find...that book. And it was time. I have my book back and I'm rereading it, and again, it's just what I need. I'm so enjoying reading it again. It's helping me to try and stay positive.

I'm back to work today and feeling good. I brought a nice lunch today, a nice salad with baby greens, and grape tomatoes and organic carrots. It's BBQ day across the street so my coworker and I will split an order of BBQ chicken to get some protein in my meal.

Please come and visit our Knitting and Losing Trivia Tournament. You can play daily. It's been a lot of fun so far and after a month I'll have options of choosing topics, so that'll be great.

I'm working on a dishcloth right now for the exchange and I'm working with the organic cotton that I found. What lovely yarn. I'll show you a pic when I'm done. The yarn feels kind of hard while knitting, but oddly, when the knit fabric is below the needles, it feels soft and wonderful. And it's suppose to just get better with washing. I scored a cone of this same cotton on ebay and so I have a lot of dishcloth pattern ideas in my noggin. I'm also looking for a deal on a table loom. It's another thing I've always wanted to learn, weaving. I want to start with a smaller table loom and try my hand at dishcloths, then I'll maybe invest in a larger loom.

Have a great day and isn't it great that it's already Thursday!!?!


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