October 5, 2006
My uniquely creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways.

Things are well here, busy week. Today we are short handed at work and so it's one of those days to eat at my desk and not really get a break. The cafe across the street makes excellent BBQ on Thursdays and so it was not a bad choice to stay in. He uses a real barrel BBQ and it has the best smokey flavor and a not too sweet BBQ sauce. The beans and the cole slaw are exceptionally sweet.

I've been dealing with some body aches and pains this week. It's kind of odd because my back is really doing well. I'm not having spasms and the general pain I've had for months on end. The only difference is I have a new computer table/work station that is more ergonomic and improved how I feel automatically and also I'm wearing a magnetic bracelet that is suppose to help with pain. But since Monday I have joint pain and body aches. You know that feeling when you have the flu? That's what it's like. Like I can't get comfortable, no matter what I do, and my bones hurt. I've been taking Ibuprofen and it maybe helps a little.

I'm going to start knitting some tonight, I miss it. I have to get my dish cloths in the mail and I have to get the square for Crazy Aunt Purl's grandmother done and in the mail. Then I have to start working again on McKenzie's sweater. I so want to start another project, I've got that itch but I'm going to try and resist the urge. Part of the reason I want to start another project is because I received a lot of ebay yarn from Tori and it's gorgeous! But I have to find the right project for that yarn.

Less than 2 weeks before we go to Las Vegas! I cannot wait. Mom is still not going at this point and she's trying to give me a lot of reasons why it won't be good for us to go, but we're still going. The last one was that someone told her that October (the whole month) is not a good month to go becase the are doing road construction. Come on.... I called and checked on it and yes, they are doing road work but it's not that big a deal and they read in the newspaper that a lot of the construction is being delayed, so that weekend is not a problem. Another excuse...his wheelchair isn't working properly... he can't sit that long in a car (how it's different to sit in our van or in his room? don't get that)... am i sure they are really set-up for a wheelchair...it goes on and on, but i've thought of all of this and right now...we are going.


Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Hope you are feeling even better soon! Have fun in Vegas, it's my favorite place!

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