October 9, 2006
Smashed Car, Dishcloths, Breast Cancer and Simple Pleasures...

Looky what we woke up to Sunday a.m. I live on a dead-end street and Mom woke me up saying that the police were out front. This car evidently was ripping around, maybe racing because we get that a lot around here, and realized it was a dead-end, whipped it around and ended up here. Both airbags deployed but they left the scene. The neighbor across the street noticed it when getting the morning paper. My brother said he heard our outside dog barking around 2 a.m. but none of us on the block heard it. It's amazing to me that we didn't hear it. Anyway, i'm sure the cops thought we were crazy cuz we were out there in our robes taking pics...for my brother, not that we're nosy neighbors. :)
These are the dishcloths that I made for the exchange, they will go in the mail tomorrow, on their way to Georgia. I haven't gotten to know anything about the recipient so I hope she likes them.
This is a colorgrown 100% organic cotton yarn and I knit it with a diamond seed stitch. The color of this remarkable yarn deepens as you wash it. I can't wait to make some for me.
This is a peaches and cream cotton yarn, knit up in a double seed stitch pattern, you know, k2, p2 and then mirror the next row meaning if you have a knit stitch, knit, pearl stitch, pearl and then alternate with p2, k2 and mirror. Easy and I like the pattern. It gives it texture.
This one is a slightly different colorgrown 100% organic cotton knit up in a doublestitch seed stitch. The pattern is hard to see on the pics.

Well I'll be dipped, I can't get the pics to upload. I found the cutest stuff to support Breast Cancer Awareness month at of all places...Ralph's grocery store. I got Mamacita this really cute pink sweatshirt and a really cozy fleece scarf and I couldn't resist, a can of pink Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Have you seen them? They are just adorable! Anyway, my Mamacita is a breast cancer survivor. She's been cancer free since 1992. It seems that almost everyone knows someone who has had cancer touch their life and it's tragic. So I ask you to be aware, support however you can and something I have to do better, do a monthly breath exam, it's important. Here is a link to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Great information, great organization. Someday as my health improves I'm going to be more active in breast cancer support walks and such.

As of today, Mom "might" go... Hopefully I'll know tomorrow. Anyway, the plans are pretty set. Thank you Ariel for the info you sent regarding the road closures. We lucked out, they cancelled the work for that weekend, we should be fine. I'm getting excited to get out of town!

Making plans to go to South Carolina! Nothing definite, but it's going to happen! I miss him so much.


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