December 5, 2006

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As you can see, I've made some major changes to the look of my blog. I switched to Beta, not sure what I was doing or if I'd like it, but I must say, Beta is MUCH easier to work with when making changes or adding info, etc. Just bear with me as far as adding content. I'm really liking the new look and color and it doesn't look so cluttered to me. I'd like to add some pics of knit as a background to make it more personal and tailored for me, anyone have a good quality close up pic of knitting they'd like to share?

I've been home the last 2 days from work and I went to the Dr. today. I've resisted going to the Dr's for awhile because I hate going anymore. I always leave feeling put off and unsatisfied. But I've felt like I've had the flu on and off for months really, and it got bad this weekend. I also worried that maybe i have developed high BP, because I was not able to give blood a couple weeks ago because it was too high and I worried that was the problem. But it is not thankfully. I also needed to get refills of some prescriptions and I woke up with a horrible migraine today. He, the Dr., was not concerned about me bumping my head a couple weeks ago, he never said if he thought I had the flu or whatever, he gave me a prescription for migraine and nausea and my refills. I go to see a nutritionist next month to talk about my weight, which is I'm afraid, out of control. I hadn't eaten all day so about 2:30 I ate something, took Excedrin Migraine and it's helping. I still feel like crap.

I was feeling bad about missing work, but I had a call from my boss saying not to come back too early, take my time, basically supporting me and that was wonderful that they understood.

Doing some knitting, but have felt bad enough that I don't even feel like doing that. I'm working on a cabled scarf and I'm also doing some wire and beaded knitting. Hope to have pics soon.

Tori is our November Knitting and Losing Trivia Winner! Again!.... She is one smart cookie. I'm so behind, Tori, but I haven't forgotten you. You'll have something soon in the mail. Hope you'll all come join us this month to play daily and tell your friends. The more the merrier.


Anonymous mammy said...

Good for your for going to the doctor. It's easy to put that off but you've got to take care of yourself. My girlfriend has had a lot of success with Weight Watchers. She went along with her daughter and they developed a sort of buddy system that worked well for them. Didn't loose too much too fast but just a steady decline in weight. Something you might want to consider, Mitchypoo.

Blogger king-a-ling said...

I am currently doing Weight Watchers. I just started 3 weeks ago and have lost 5.6 lbs. So far so good. It's hard to do at first, but if you remain dedicated and write down everything you eat, it gets easier. At least that's what our leader said. :-)

BTW, from your comment on our gourmet girls blog, we are from Toledo, Ohio. Nothing too exciting there. That's why we need to have a gourmet group. :-)

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