December 13, 2006
I am led to fulfilling experiences. I create a life filled with rewards.

What are the rewards that you would like to create in your life? Would it be having some alone time? or maybe some time with your loved one? or family? What are the rewards? For me I think that if I live right and do my best, the rewards are that my family is happy and that I feel more of a sense of contentment. A reward would be to see that I am accomplishing things and improving my life and hopefully the lives of others. I think a reward would be to have enough money to pay the bills and then to think of the future and saving money. Another reward is to have good friends and family and have that feeling that you want to spend time with them.

I finished the cabled scarf but I'm debating right now about the fringe. I wanted to have it plain and beaded, but I'm not so sure, so hopefully I'll 'figure it out tonight. Working more on some wire beaded knit too. Have to find a bead store to help me add connectors to some knitted bracelets I've made too. Still lots to do.


Blogger Kathy said...

the new look is very sweet. guess i need to switch mine too.

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