December 21, 2006
I am willing to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me.

Why should we believe the negative stuff we tell ourselves? What purpose does it serve? It's not constructive is what I am finding out. So I am most willing to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me...

It's 4 days before Christmas and all of us in the office have a problem....we don't want to work. We want to talk and socialize and eat chocolate that our vendors are bringing us. I'd feel bad about it but my boss told me that's how he feels today. The end of the year is the worst. 9 days and the year 2006 is dust... Another vendor brought me the cutest gift the other day. It is a reindeer made out of bathroom towels. Just adorable and I will take pics when I take it home tomorrow. I have a Christmas tree on my desk, decorated and lights blinking, 2 large poinsettias on my back table, ribbons on my door AND I'm wearing a Santa Hat! I'm in the MOOD!!

I had an incredibly good day yesterday at work. It was one of those days when I knew I was valued here. I know they like me and my work, but sometimes it is nice to hear it. And I did. They are getting set up with a temp service because they intend to take a lot of Mondays off to be at their lake house and they do not want me to be alone. They know I can handle it, but don't want me stressed. As my boss said, "We want Michele happy!", and she told me how invaluable I am to them. So it was nice. A bonus would be nicer, but not sure that'll happen. :)

I am still waiting for 2 things to come in the mail, but online shopping was I'd say a huge success so far. I ordered a lot of it early enough and I either had no shipping or minimal. It was the way to go for me.

Going to try and get tamales for our Christmas morning breakfast (a tradition for us) and then I'm going home to make more caramels and those dang marshmallows.


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