December 12, 2006
I release the pattern of procrastination within me. I act with speed and resolve.

If there ever was an affirmation I felt was written just for me, todays affirmation is it. I am notorious for being a procrastinator. I've always worked that way, putting things off, and actually convinced myself that it motivated me in some areas. Like in school, I always seemed to get my work done, but I'd wait until the 11th hour. But I do not want to be the notorious procrastinator so I've slowly started to change. I now try to get things done early, or on time, and not motivate myself by having a deadline so much. And it works for me. I like it better. For instance, this may be a first, but it's almost 2 weeks before Christmas and I am pretty much done with my shopping! Woohoo! Call the media! Michele's done early!! And it gives me a great feeling to not have to stress and do all the last minute stuff. Now I can enjoy getting things wrapped, decorating, and making Christmas goodies. I'm going to make peppermint marshmallows again this year and package them as gifts.

I always feel this sense of the new year and how I'd like things to change and improve in the coming year. Procrastinating is something I'm sure I'll have to constantly work on. I think of things I want to accomplish, or things to learn more about this coming year. The one thing I know I want to do is get back into spinning. I just ordered a maintenance kit for my Ashford Elizabeth wheel and my new years project I think will be to give my wheel a new coat of stain and make it pretty and then I need to do some maintenance on it and then I'm going to make time to spin some yarn. I enjoy it so much, and I see these blogs and the beautiful yarn people are making and it gets my creative juices flowing. I miss it....flat out. Spinning is therapeutic and comforting to me. I feel this huge sense of accomplishment when I make something beautiful out of fiber. And then to take it a step further and make something beautiful out of yarn that you created...there's nothing like it. So mark my words, you will see some spinning from me in 2007.

What does the year 2007 have in store for you?


Blogger Tori said...

You and me both Baby! It seems I've gotten better over the years but then there are a few things left undone, only because I don't want to for some reason or another. I liked your reference to school, it's like Finals week sometimes!

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