December 30, 2006

I'm kind of in panic mode because my poor Simba is really ill. I'm so worried about her. She wasn't feeling well Christmas day and threw up some food that she couldn't digest. We fed her rice and hamburger for a couple days and she was pretty much back to normal. Even being a little spunky Thursday night and jumping around... I've been really sick and didn't make it to work Friday so I didn't feed her in the a.m like usual. She threw up again early afternoon and then seemed to be lethargic and just layed on her bed and would not move. So I got her to the vets and they were worried about her but she didn't require emergency care. The vet seemed to think that she overdid it the day before and that she's having some arthritis. She's lost some muscle mass on her back end. So they gave her 2 shots, one for her tummy and one that is an anti-inflammatory. On the way home she finally picked up her head and panted a little, I took it as a good sign. This a.m. she was up and walking around but kind of mopey. I sat in the chair with her for awhile, gave her her medication and then i have to wait 30 minutes and give her another pill and food. She won't eat. She ate part of a cheese slice that I had the medication in but spit it out. And then awhile ago, she threw up again... She's drinking water but I'm so worried. My poor baby. She's 14 years old, going to be 15 in July and so I do worry.



Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I hope she'll be ok!!!

Blogger Tori said...

Oh Poor sweet Simba! We wish her well!

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