January 11, 2007
I always find time to be creative.

If only the title were true. It's hard to find time to be creative. I read some of these blogs and it's overwhelming.... they can just kick out project after project and it's never ending. I haven't knit in over a week and my fingers are getting jittery. I have yarn and needles and the VK issue with the scarf pattern in my bag, but I haven't started it yet. There are so many projects I want to start, and I also want to get my spinning wheel in good shape and start spinning again. Then there are the UFO's that have been begging me to pay attention to them... In my perfect world... I'd do nothing but knit and spin and learn to weave and there would be no guilt that I wasn't getting other things done like paying bills, cleaning my room, cleaning the house, paying attention to the cat. I could buy all the yarn my little heart desires and then the fiber...I'd buy pounds and pounds and whole fleeces.

Woke up with a migraine starting but I'm heading it off with some caffeine and carbs and it's going away. Yeah!


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