January 10, 2007
I am bright and smart, and I can learn anything.

Please remember that the title of most of my posts is taken from Louise Hay's daily calendar. Wouldn't want you to think I thought I'm all that.... :) Well actually, it'd be better for all of us if we did think that, I mean about ourselves. But I'm a work in progress so sometimes it feels a little indulgent to talk like that.

It is amazing how little things can make your day. Today I had to take the van in early for service at the dealer's (which I love) and they are big enough to have a Starbucks in the lobby of said dealer. The Barrista complemented me on my hair and it made me feel good. So I'm having a 'feel slightly pretty" day. And then I got a new printer at work. It was pretty much a plug in and play and my boss helped me and boxed the other one up to send back. How cool is that?!

I slept like crap, by the way, last night on the new magnetic bed pad but mom talked to the person who gave it to us and seems you have to have it on the right side and right way and there is a tag on it explaining this....duh! So my magnetic fields were all screwed up last night! Hopefully tonight will be much better.


Blogger Tori said...

You ARE bright and smart and really a COOL friend! Take care, Tori

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