January 12, 2007
I deserve my good!

Yes, I deserve my good! And so do you! All the goodness in your life, you deserve! I like this one.

On my weekend agenda:

  • Get Danish Oil and redo my Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel. Use the maintenance kit I ordered and get it in tip top shape. And...do some spinning! Woohoo!!
  • Knit on the VK scarf I started which has already turned out to be a bit tedious because you have to knit 6 cords 90 inches long! 90!! and that is working 9 stitches around and around and around... But I keep looking at the end product and deciding that it's worth it. We'll see. Have to order some more yarn for this project too.
  • Work on cleaning my room since I got these new sheets and I LOVE them.

I'm going to have lunch with a friend on Sunday too. I'm looking forward to that. Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those look like Minnesota sheets, not California, Michelle! How cold is it there? We're looking at single digits next week, here, in Chicagoland.


Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

I've been wanting to try that scarf, but it does seen labour intensive. Good luck,

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