January 7, 2007
I Heart You!!!

It hasn't been a week yet without my sweet Simba. We all miss her a lot including the cat Tom. He was kind of whiny for about 3 days and needy. He'd be all over us when we got home from work and meowing but we couldn't figure out why. I think he was trying to say, "Where have you been all day and where is Simba cuz it's lonely around here. And who am I going to antagonize now, huh?..." He's getting better. I have found myself looking for her still, it seems quiet or I forget and go look for her in my room.

I want to say a huge thank you to Stacie, Tori, Tiffany, Bron, Michele (cool name ;) !), Ericah, Rebekah, Mammy, Susann, Paul and Ranger, Christine, Li, Jul, Mom, Sandy, Dock, Cecil and Zen Living people for all the caring thoughts and words. It was probably one of the worst weeks of my life and it was really sweet how you all were there for me and my family during the loss. We even got a sympathy card from the Veterinarian. I'm thankful to them too because they were so wonderful to me and Mamacita and Simba, they handled it so well and I'm a new and loyal client from now on.

This weekend I wanted to get out a bit so we got up earlier and saw a matinee Saturday of the movie 'The Queen'. Mom has wanted to see it for a while and there are only a couple theaters showing it around us so we went to an unfamiliar theatre. The movie was really pretty good, Helen Mirran did a great job although I heard she does not particularly like being able to resemble the Queen so well. The movie painted Charles in a much better light than I imagined. I enjoyed knowing more history of the Queen. Mamacita and Gary liked it a lot. Then we went to have some lunch and to Trader Joe's and then to visit Dad at the Cemetery. The Armed Services were suppose to have put his gravestone on, but they did not and we had a hard time finding his plot. We actually weren't sure where it was so we took the flowers home and now we have to ask the Mortuary where the gravestone is.

Today we were out early today too because my brother had to have his hearing checked at his care facility early. That didn't take long, so we went shopping at a mall and had some coffee and then came home for lunch. I'm pooped, I didn't get my nap in this weekend. I may just go do that now.

I got a VK today at the bookstore and there is a scarf in there I HAVE to make. Inspiration. It's in the holiday edition and I can't wait to show you a finished scarf.

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Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Awww you are so welcome. It will get easier with time. I know from experience. You'll be in my prayers. ((((HUGS))))

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