January 23, 2007
This is a new day to accept new successes.

Simba is back home with us. I took Tom Thumb in for a check up and also brought Simba home. She's in a pretty redwood box. I wasn't sure how I'd feel getting her back, surprisingly I was OK, I felt the tears coming a little and my heart missed her, but I'm glad she's home with us. Tom Thumb is very healthy and doing well, but he was not feeling well on the drive home. He got 3 shots of immunizations and had worming pills shoved down his throat which made him drool. He had that unhappy kitty meow a few times on the way home, but once he got out of the carrier, he was OK. He won't be feeling well the next couple of days and you could tell this a.m. that he wasn't well, but he's eating and will be OK. He weighs almost 16 lbs! He's 2 ounces under 16 pounds and is going on a kitty diet. The vet said he should be 10-12 lbs. So that is very overweight. Poor Tom. I'll work on the weight gradually on my own with him. He also needs blood work to make sure he's OK and has to has a teeth cleaning, which they have to put him out for. It's so expensive so I'll have to do a little at a time. One of the girls last night popped in the waiting room and said, "Now I know why you look so familiar....you are Simba's Mom!" It made me feel great, they remembered Simba and they also loved Tom. I'm so fortunate to have found a vet like this.

I got a package from Knitpicks yesterday! I got more green yarn to finish the Vogue braided scarf and i also got some scrumptious Silk/Merino/Alpaca yarn in the most beautiful cranberry color. I haven't started knitting it yet, but I can't wait, it feels so yummy. I also got some dpns and some cool wood cable needles.

Many of you I am sure already read Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, but she had a post the other day that I think is brilliant. It's regarding how we think of diet's and her take on it, which I'm going to adopt myself. It's healthy and that's what should be important. Check it out here. I had to print it out and I'm going to read it daily until it totally sinks in.

Going to see the play Camelot tonight with Mamacita!! Can't wait.


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