January 9, 2007
Today I remember how powerful I am!

I'm really working on the Losing part of Knitting and Losing again. I've started writing down all my food which seems to help me to be conscious of things and I'm doing Isagenix again, by having a shake in the a.m. and p.m. and a good lunch. I feel so much better when I do Isagenix, it's time to treat myself better. I am a Independent Associate for Isagenix so if any of you are interested, visit here. It's a great program to improve your overall health. No matter what you need, to improve your digestion, clear up acne, lose weight, or improve your wealth, Isagenix can help.

I am a lucky girl. I'm a believer in magnets and how they can improve health. It started with me buying a rather cheap magnetic bracelet from a catalog and it instantly improved my back pain. Almost miraculously. Yes, I was doing a massage 1 time a month, and my work station was improved at work, but the bracelet made all the difference. Then I upgraded to a nice quality Q-Ray bracelet and i'm a real believer, because it's helped so much. Well, as luck would have it, Mamacita has a friend who had a magnetic mattress pad and her fiance, well he doesn't like it. So she came over tonight and dropped it off. These things are not cheap but she wouldn't take money for it. I think I have to remake my bed tonight and try it out. I can only imagine that it will help me to sleep better and help my back.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Grow some new friends.

Get your resolution here.


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