January 16, 2007
Today's thoughts create my future. I am in charge.

I got the Danish Oil for my wheel, and I dusted it off, tightened up the screws, but that is as far as I got I'm afraid. I need to find an Allen (I'm sure that isn't the spelling, but whatever) wrench thingie to tighten it up a little more and I hope to get it coated hopefully this week. So no spinning for me yet.

Good news for Mamacita! She has been working as a contract worker for an aerospace company for about 10 months now and wanted to get on full-time permanent for months. She has interviewed at least 3 times and disappointed twice but she was hired full-time permanent! I'm very happy for her because she was really worried about it, the benefits and all. So she's very happy and we celebrated with a nice bottle of Korbel last night! Yeah, Mamacita!!

My lunch is over...have a great day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmpff, you need to know about wrenches and you don't ask the Tool-Man? Highly offended here! (jk)

Yes, it's an allen wrench and it can be either standard or metric sizing. You can get a combination set of both together pretty cheap for $10-$15 at most places.

P :)

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