February 25, 2007
King Henry VIII

May I present to you:

King Henry VIII

Isn't he adorable! We went to meet him Saturday and this group of volunteers, well they are really quite remarkable. Very impressed with them and their efforts. They are called P.A.C.T. That stands for People and Cats Together. They were calling him Red Rufus, but we didn't think it fit him and we have a dog named Rufus, we tossed it about, tried to see his personality and agreed that he is regal and royal and so we decided on a royal name. Henry fits him I think. He is a polydactyl, he has extra digits on the front and back and we're not sure how many he actually has yet. He is a lap cat and a real love. Mom is really happy with him. Tom is not sure what to think but he's more tolerant than I thought he'd be. I love this pic of him and am amazed that he has his eyes open, because every pic of Tom he seems to have his eyes closed. So he's my new model cat because he has an eye for the camera!

We had very sad news tonight. My uncle in MN had a heart attack and passed away today. They were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this May. Such sad news, especially since this family also lost a son-in-law in January. Poor Uncle Clete, he and the whole family will be in our prayers.



Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Congrats on your new family member. He is beautiful! I'm very sorry for your loss.

Blogger Tori said...

What a great picture of Henry! Glad Tom is doing fairly well with your new family member. Sorry for your families loss. Take care

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of another loss in you family. My condolences to all of you. Give my best to Mamacita.

Henry looks so much like our Buster cat who left us last summer. A good old guy. Enjoy.


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