February 26, 2007

Here's some promised pics...
Here are the beautiful roses I received. I did call him and thank him. He asked me to dinner Saturday but I had plans.

Here's my Tom, sitting by Mamacita who is holding the new addition Henry. I think he's a little jealous, my poor guy. And he had to go to the vet today and get two front nails trimmed. He has an extra digit, kind of between his thumb and paw that is hard to cut and it was growing in to the skin. I may have them removed in the future, but he'll be better with those cut now.

And here is Henry, in his favorite spot, lounging on Mamacita!



Blogger kat said...

sweet kittys & pretty flowers

Blogger Tori said...

Oh My Goodness! Tom looks so comfy cozy and Henry is cute! Esther wants to get a cat, if I show her these pictures she'll start asking again. We'll get a cat someday, just want to make sure we can help the pups adjust.

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