February 1, 2007
Today is full of miracles.

Let's make this a "feel-good" month. Every morning declare out loud, "I choose to think thoughts that make me feel good today." As you go to sleep at night, say, "Thank you, Life, for a delicious day and a peaceful night's sleep."

The beginning of a new month and if months had a color, February would be purple, violet. I guess that's true with the birthstone being Amethyst. I like what Louise Hay's calendar says about this month, as quoted above. So let's declare together that this is the feel-good month.

I had a crappy day yesterday, all around crappy. It started by waking up during the night not feeling well and I think I was worrying about "things" so I couldn't get to sleep and then when it was time to get up, I just didn't feel good. So I called in sick to work. Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and then started feeling better so I got cleaned up and came in at noon. Then I found out that my boss forgot to tell me he wouldn't be in in the morning, so NO ONE was here to open until my other boss came in around 10:30...then the rest of the day at work just seemed stressful, like nothing was going well. After work I had a hair appointment and the town I had to go to is really horrible with one way streets all over the place, so I had to kind of circle around to find parking and then there is a new thing in this town where you can not make a left hand turn on this major street at night and I didn't see the sign, so I took that left turn and then I see flashing lights behind me...... and then there is no where to pull over because of this stupid way the streets are set up and the cop is on the speaker telling me to pull over at the next empty curb (which is red)...and then (and keep this in mind that I am an insurance agent) I do not have proof of insurance in the car AND....I still have an out of state license. He asked me how long I've been here and I told him the truth... He tells me that according to our state law, because I admitted that I could have been arrested for a misdemeanor... he was really lenient with me and wrote me a ticket for the turn and the license. So then I get to the hairdresser over a half hour late...and I had to reschedule because she had dinner plans. It was time for me to go home and forget the day. But that was in January and today is full of miracles and February is the "feel-good" month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my word. You had one heck of a bad day. Good riddance to January and here's to a much improved February. It's got to be better than yesterday!

Blogger Gracie said...

Sorry about your bad day. Bring on February!!

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