March 20, 2007
Every problem has a solution.

It had been before the holidays since Yuki had come over to give Mamacita and me a full body massage. It was good to see her and as always, she gave me a great massage. She actually worked really HARD on my middle back because I was tense there. She loosened me up but I actually am feeling a little bruised today. Never mind, she ultimately makes me feel better. The only bad thing was she started working on me and all of a sudden said, "Where's Simba?" and I just missed my girl so much and had to tell her that she was put down. I still think of her so often, but it hit me again last night that she's gone. My poor baby. Actually, she's fine, she's chasing squirrels and happy in puppy heaven, it's just us who are left missing her.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! My favorite time of year. I love the smells and everything turning green and blooming. The puffy clouds and the gentle breezes. It makes me happy. Our lawn is looking better now that the sprinklers are going off daily, the backyard looks great and is awaiting the first good mow on Thursday when the gardeners come. I still need to get out there and plant some things. Our house reminds me of a country cottage outside. Anyone have any ideas of plants that would fit this theme? I want to get some topiaries. I wanted a couple rose topiaries but Mamacita thinks they won't get enough light in the front. So I may go get some shrubs that grow tall and I can cut into a topiary. And I need to think about planting some tomatoes soon. I want some small yellow pear tomato plants. They are so cute and tasty too! I'd also like to grow herbs this season. I'm thinking of taking a bed on the side of the house that isn't too big, it's on a slight hill and making a planter box to fit level on the hill and grow some basil, rosemary, chives, thyme, cilantro, oregano and mint. The mint may have to go in a separate planter because mint has a way of taking over.

I started a pair of socks using a new pattern. It's a lace pattern and it has a zig zag in it, it's fun to knit. But the leg looks so large. Going to turn the heel tonight. I'm going to stop telling you i'll post pics and just post them when i can. The colors in this yarn is so gorgeous. It's hand dyed and I found it on ebay. It's from Francis Patrick Design and her link to see her gorgeous yarns is on my right sidebar. Please go visit her, see if there is anything you like. I'm using the Mountain Wildflowers colorway of which she doesn't have anymore right now. I sure wish I had bought more at the same time.


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