March 2, 2007
feeling icky...

Thank you Agnes for letting me know my profile said I was 250 years old!! I originally did not put the year and I guess it got filled in somehow, I saw someone else's profile that had some outrageous number and I thought they did it as a joke. I do have a birthday next week, but I hardly feel THAT old!!! (Thanks for the complement too...made me blush!)

Thursday Thirteen was a lot of fun and I'm not done looking at other's posts and commenting. It's been so great to meet some new bloggers!

I haven't been feeling well, but I went to work yesterday and made it through. I feel flu like. I have chills and body aches and yesterday my tummy started bothering me. I didn't go in today. I also feel like hibernating, just want to sit and knit. I guess it's good to take care of myself but I also feel like I have so much to do and can't just sit. I have to listen to my body.

I'm expecting a Knitpicks order (hopefully today), and then I'm going to start knitting some bathroom towels I like in the Mason Dixon book. I've made about 6 of the Mason Dixon Washcloths, they are so fun to knit and I love the color play.

Tom and Henry had a cat fight the other night and I know they'll have to just get used to each other but I wish it'd happen soon. It hasn't even been a week, so patience is very important. Because I'm home today I'm able to take more time with them and I have them in the same room and not growling that mean kitty growl at each other. Tom is so curious.
Here is Tom trying to be cool but he has his eye on Henry who is on the cat tree next to him.

Here is Henry, trying to relax but knowing that Tom is out there somewhere.
And here Tom is inching his way and makes it to the cat tree so he can bug Henry. He looked over the edge and got a nice swat from Henry. But Tom backed off and decided to nap on the side of the cat tree.
I think I may need to rename this blog ~Knitting and Losing, and Our Cats~!!!



Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I hope you feel better! Your cats are so cute!!

What is Knitpicks?

Blogger kat said...

oh no i hope you don't have the flu that's going around here

My dad has this "recipe" for when the tummy troubles start... It includes onion, garlic, green tea and malt vinegar... I don't recommend it, LOL.

Hope you feel better soon and your cats are adorable!

From another michele with one L (there's not many of us out there...)

Blogger Becca said...

cute kitties! thanks for the comment on my blog.

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