March 5, 2007
I give myself permission to prosper.

Congratulations to my cousin Wink!!!
He accomplished a very big goal. He ran in the LA Marathon and he completed it! He finished in 5:32:05 hours. Isn't that great?! He raised over $1600. for Aids Project Los Angeles and I'm so very proud of him. He is my age and I cannot even fathom doing something like that. I'm sorry I was not able to join my cousins and Aunt to see him cross the finish line, but wanted him to know how proud of him we all are.

Feeling better today in the tummy and I'm at work, but Aunt Flo also came this a.m. a few days early so I have that to deal with. Maybe now my face will stop breaking out, geez, it was an end to a bad month.

MyKnitpicks order did not come in and I was so sad...I had some good knitting time while home on Friday so I did Mason-Dixon Warshrags instead.

My brother said something about us making pizza Saturday so Mamacita got the fixins' and I made a super easy dough with Rapid Rise yeast and we made this beautiful pizza topped in thirds with the following. One third had olive oil, sauteed shallots and onion and mushroom with some gorgonzola cheese. One third had pizza sauce, mozzarella, canadian bacon and grape tomatoes cut in half and the last third had sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni and grape tomatoes. YUUUUU....MMMM! We will definitely do that again. It was so simple and economical and GOOD! It made a baking sheet size rectangular fact, that's what I had for lunch today.

Last night I made a mushroom risotto and it was also yummy! I used Lidia Bastianich's recipe and it was a meal by itself.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Yay Wink!! Did I ever tell you my uncle's nickname is Wink too?

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