March 9, 2007
I see myself with eyes of love, and I am safe.

I was thankful to have this affirmation today because today is just one of those days. I've got the "mean reds" as Holly Golightly would say. It started with a phone call and a weird morning, the details I won't go into. But I have been in tears this a.m. and I'm OK now that I'm at work, but underneath I so just want to go home and cry, wallow. I just have some thinking to do.

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes! It was a good day. Maybe I'm having a mental hangover because part of it is my birthday and realizing where I am at this age. It's not what I wanted or expected. I'm not trying to be whiny and I'm grateful for all I have, but don't you have those days where you are just not happy??

Have a lot planned for this weekend, nothing exciting, just stuff I need to get done. I got my Knitpicks yarn and am working on a bathroom hand towel right now. I love the pattern and the color, i hope to post pics of all my knitting this weekend. The weather is suppose to be warm and sunny so I'd like to get some planting done and something has to be done about our lawn, it's dry looking, will have to turn on the sprinklers again. Getting my hands dirty and in the soil always makes me feel better.

Oh, I had to tell you about our star sighting when at my birthday dinner! Do you know the Mom from the TV show Malcolm in the Middle? Yep, Jane Kaczmarek! Mamacita saw her, I had my back to her and her party of 6. But I heard her voice and I knew it was her. She was really pretty in person. She had her hair up and she had this aqua blue wrap on. There was another blond guy who I am sure is an actor but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what show or who he was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will do you good to get out in the yard. We have a long time yet before we can think about planting. I never put anything in until after Memorial Day because there's alway a chance of frost until then. It was above 50 today, here in Chicagoland, and what a treat. Forecasting 60 for next week.

Enjoy your weekend, Michelle.


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