March 26, 2007
Monday, Crappy Monday...

I don't really want to go into the whole thing but today was a horrible Monday! Just horrible...but because I'm trying to be positive i'm not going to discuss the whole thing. There's nothing permanently wrong, and things will look much better tomorrow.

I know you are all anxiously awaiting a pic of our Henry so here you go...

Here is one of the bathroom towel I made with Knitpicks Cotlin yarn, it's a cotton and linen combination and I love this yarn. I hope you can see the pattern in this pic.

This is the gorgeous yarn from Francis Patricks that I love so much. Can you see the beautiful and vibrant colors in this skein, and look how it knits up.

This is the partially finished sock and although I love the colors, the pattern, I don't like so much. The gauge is off and it seems huge. It'll hurt me, but I think I may frog it. I'm working on a new pattern for me that is a toe up sock. I'd show you a pic of the almost complete sock in this pattern but I had to leave it at work...and I'd have to explain my crappy day so .....I'll just show you later!

Tomorrow is my dear Mamacita's Birthday!! Woohoo!! I am meeting her after work to take her to dinner, she wanted to go to the Outback which is fine by me, I love their coconut shrimp! Then she is off to her meeting with the ladies. Then on Saturday we, meaning my brother, Mamacita and I are going to an Indian Casino for the day. We'll take the drive, blow some money, go to eat. My Aunt and Uncle and my cousin and her hubby may come down also, should be fun!

OK, time for me to go enjoy my glass of wine and forget the day!


Blogger Tori said...

Woo Hoo! Please pass Happy Birthday wishes to Mamcieta! Henry is ADORABLE! So is Tom! I know a little girl who is going to love seeing this new picture of Henry ;-). Take care and hope tomorrow is wonderful and makes up for today!

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Happy Birthday to your mom :) For some reason I can't see your pics.

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

I know, sorry...will try to fix tonight.

Anonymous ck said...

Your socks are so pretty. Hope they would be a shame to frog when youa re so far along!

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