March 16, 2007
Today I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.

Mamacita and I went to dinner last night at La Vie, a french restaurant in a very odd part of town, you would not think a nice restaurant would be in this neighborhood but I've had my eye on this place for awhile. I always go by this location every Wednesday night and the parking lot is always full of cars. That indicates to me that a restaurant is good if it's busy, packed. And on a Wednesday night. So we went fairly early and it's very nice inside, nothing too fancy, but real cloth tablecloths and the napkin is nicely folded. We had a wonderful dinner, we both tried something a bit different, Mamacita had the roast duck a la orange and I had Veal in a butter, garlic, caper sauce. Our entree included soft, warm, slightly crunchy outside white bread and butter, then asparagus soup which I liked, but Mamacita thought was tasty but watery. Then a nice side salad, with fresh greens, uncut, tossed in a light dressing and 1 grape tomato. The veal was very tender and delicious, the sauce was darker than I thought it would be, but tasty There was also 2 asparagus spears, some mashed sweet potato puree and yellow rice. Mamacita's duck had the same accompaniments and the duck skin was crisp. The duck was not gamey at all and had a great orange sauce with it. Then we had decaf coffee and shared a creme brulee. Mamacita and I both agreed that it was the best creme brulee that we've both had. Creamy and cool and the top was blackened to perfection, not being bitter, it was thin and crisp. They had frog legs as an entree and escargot as an appetizer but we were too chicken to try it. My Father loved escargot, he would have tried it for sure. We'll go back but maybe for a special occasion, it was a bit expensive for a Thursday night dinner. And we both got out of there with out slopping on our tops... a real accomplishment for us lately!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Escargot is very tasty. The secret is to not chew, swallow quickly! Kinda like clams.

I don't think I could eat frog legs either. Will never forget disecting them in high school.


Blogger Uisce said...

Sounds delish... but now I'm all drooly!! :)

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