April 6, 2007
I give thanks for this perfect day.

So the question of the day seems to be, was Zachary right, was he a good judge of character of my date? Well... yes, he actually was. This guy was a co-worker and older than me and also a different culture. With all that being said, I was just young and out to have a good time, get to know him. He took me to a comedy club in Hollywood, I think we went to dinner before that too, I don't really remember. So it wasn't that memorable a date either. But what bothered me about him was that he took me to a comedy club and chances are high that there will be some sort of racial humor and in fact there was, about his race...and he didn't think it was funny. And he made me uncomfortable and although I worked with him, I never accepted a second date. Moral of the story ~ if your dog pees on your date, don't bother anymore....they KNOW! It was actually fun to share my embarrassing moments and now I'm happy that I can laugh about them. And I guess my dorkiness came out so I may have to join Friday the Dorkteenth! A couple of you said how brave it was ~ au contraire. I don't think of it like that, it's just allowing people in and accepting that people will have opinions and I'm okay with that.

It's Good Friday and I found myself a little melancholy this a.m. Missing my Dad. I couldn't remember what we did last year but remembered that he was really sick then and in the hospital or care facility by this time last year. We had our normal Easter Brunch, made a plate for Dad and then took our Easter eggs with us to go visit him and have egg fights. Do you have egg fights? You pick your egg and then you hold the small or big end with someone else and count to 3 and then hit, and there is always a winning egg. Then when that end breaks you try the other. And you either get the champion egg or you have a cracked egg and eat it!

So we're having a cleaning day tomorrow at my house and we're hanging out Easter, still having our Easter brunch, but no company. Slouch day. I may stay in my jammies and drink coffee all day and knit! I hope however you spend your day you enjoy it! Happy Easter!


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Happy Easter!!

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