April 16, 2007
I now allow the genius within me to flow freely.

So much tragedy today at Virginia Tech. Truly tragic and it makes you realize that there are some really wicked and sick people in the world today. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who have lost someone.

I had a great weekend, nothing too exciting to report. But I finished another pair of socks and then I took a small break. I went to a newly found yarn store Thursday evening and found some cool yarn that I want to make into an entrelac scarf. Entrelac has intrigued me and I've tried a pattern and I don't know why but I am not able to get the pattern. I want to try again, I can usually figure out any pattern and it's bugging me that I'm having a hard time getting entrelac down. I've been trying to find easy, clear, concise directions and at this point I am just frustrated. My Mamacita asked if I had anything done for a baby. She has a coworker who is having a girl. I did not. But it gave me a good excuse to whip up a Kimono Sweater from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I had to work on my gauge a little because I'm using a beautiful mercerized cotton in lavender that I got from dear Tori. It calls for worsted yarn and this is not quite, so I used a size up needle and I love the look of it. It's knit in garter stitch and knit in one piece. I got at least 2/3's, maybe 3/4's of it done yesterday. I almost found myself wanting to just stay up last night and finish it but around 11 pm I hung it up. I hoped to finish it tonight but we have our massage lady coming, so that'll cut into my knitting time. NOT that I'm complaining! I can't wait to have my massage.

Mamacita made us a treat Sunday morning by making waffles at my bro's request. We had some blueberries we needed to use up so we sprinkled some on top of the batter and...yummy!!!!

Make this a great week!!


Blogger Ariel said...

Try this to practice entrelac. It's small and it might help you figure it out. :-) http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com/2006/07/garterlac-dishcloth.html

Anonymous Jenn said...

I used the pattern for the Lady Eleanor Stole in Scarf Style to learn to entrelac.

And I really love the title of this post.

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Ariel, thank you for the link, it's great and I printed it out to give it a go. I'm not giving up! I couldn't find a link to email you directly, I hope you see this.

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I'm from Virginia and so many of my friends went to VT. I can't believe this happened :(

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