April 30, 2007
My future is bright and beautiful.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Good? Good. My weekend was nice, nothing too spectacular. Friday I took myself on a date. I went to the mall, went to the movie ATM and purchased my ticket for the movie 300,perused Nordstrom, bought some insanely expensive Chanel lipstick. The color is called Attitude. That's right...I have attitude now! I do love it, it is really luscious and stays on well and all but I guess I've never spent so much on a tube of lipstick before and I'm still justifying it in my mind. The tube is way cool. It is square and the lipstick tube you push down and it stays by itself. Then to use you press it and it pops up. Guess it should perform tricks for what I paid. I also was not able to make it past the MAC counter without a purchase. I went there innocently enough, but you know, they have these new colors coming out On May 4th and so I had to check it out...and well, geez, the temptation...they are so beautiful and just right for summer. I pre-ordered a pigment in this really gorgeous pearly color, forget what it's called, and then I got a pinky/peachy blush. That's all. Not too bad, not enough to break the budget, but enough to tame the beast. Then I got my booty out of Nordstrom and walked around, went and got a cup of chicken soup for dinner, then I went to check out Borders and waste some time before my movie at 7:20. I found an interesting book called Loved Walked In. It was on the bestseller lists and I am enjoying it. I also found a cool notebook that I'll write all my secret thoughts in and I found Adorn magazine there so I had to get a copy of that. It's OK. Then I went to the movies, got my diet coke and small popcorn and I was the first one in the theater, I chose a center seat toward the middle, perfect seat. The movie "300" was actually very good, I liked it, it was historical and interesting. There was a lot of blood but not gory, almost artistic in a way. And oh my my! The eye candy! Ladies, go to maybe appease your men, it's a guy film I guess, but you get the benefit of seeing all the hard bodies. It was a good evening for me.

Saturday we were having some cabinet work done for my brother and I did stuff around the house but wasn't feeling well. Had to take a nap in the afternoon. Sunday I was doing well until I got a burst of energy, did a bunch of stuff in my room, and laundry, but then I got a headache and felt like crap. I wasn't sure I'd be OK for work today, but I made it. I sometimes really wonder if I have fibromyalgia...but I shouldn't even say that because words have power and I don't want it.

I almost finished Cindy's socks and I did finish knitting the baby kimono. Getting some cool ribbon to make a cute bow and then I have to wet block the kimono and lay it flat to dry and then sew it together, which I hate doing. But I will...

Have a great day!


Blogger david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good week

Blogger wrchili said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Every girl needs to go out and treat herself every once in awhile. You sound like me trying to justify your purchase. Good luck on the sewing. I hate doing that as well.

Blogger Li_B said...

Thanks for your positivity, I hope it's contagious and will chase away my two day migraine. Life is too short not to indulge in one expensive lipstick,

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