April 1, 2007
My life is filled with love, joy, health, and creativity.

Thank you for all the comments on my projects. It was kind of fun to look back and see what I've made. I've decided that I'm going to find a way to teach knitting online in case anyone is really serious that they would like to learn because truly it's not hard to do, it just looks hard. And I know the value of having a creative outlet and I want to share that with anyone interested. So I'm going to work on it, let's see what I can come up with.

Can you guess what this is? Would love to see what you think this is.

Yesterday we went to Pechanga Casino. We being Mamacita, my bro and me. My Uncle hurt his back doing some gardening...ouch! and so he and my Aunt weren't able to make it and my cousin fell and hurt her wrist and maybe had to go to Urgent Care or emergency...ouch! again. But we had a nice drive down there, the weather was really beautiful. Not too hot, gentle breeze, I think it was in the 70's. The casino is really nice, we all enjoyed a nice day there.

I had to pinch my brother to get him to actually smile in this picture. He does this pose when taking a pic where he puts his chin out. Mom was doing her goofy pose and I can't believe I'm actually posting a pic of me, I hate pics anymore... We gambled, went to the gift shops, went and had lunch, gambled some more. Then we went back toward home but stopped at Tom's Farms which is a glorified produce stand. I love it there. They have a wine and cheese shop that has all kinds of goodies. We got something to drink and sat outside and listened to some music and relaxed. They also have a produce shop that includes brittles, jams, dried fruit, fresh produce, olives, you name it! I got some green pepper jelly which is just great with a cracker and some cream cheese and some jelly...yum! I also found Sweet Dark Cherry preserves and I got hickory smoked pistachios and Mamacita needed some pistachio meats. We got sourdough bread and some cheese and a bottle of wine. Did you know there is Elvis wine! Yes sir! Almost got some of that. Oh, I also found some yummy Coconut peanut brittle with more coconut than peanuts. Yummy! Then we headed home, hit some traffic, picked up a pizza and came home. It was a great day.

Did you notice the "What is your blog worth?" thing on the right hand sibebar? Holy moly, I was surprised that my little ol' blog is worth over $6,700. That is so cool!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Blogger TeaMouse said...

I'm not sure exactly what that is a picture of, but it seems to be some type of terry towel fabric - but in strips - are you knitting yourself a robe or handtowel?

Otherwise I am clueless.

Blogger Cordia Amant said...

It almost looks like a pile of wool that's been drafted but not yet spun. But that could be because I love spinning.

Blogger Lacy said...

It looks like roving. And from the previous entry, I really, really like the star blanket. One day (in all my spare time - ha!), I'll have to learn how to crochet.

And thanks for the donation!

Anonymous Paul said...

Looking good Mich :D
Love the hair color! Hot! ;)


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