April 7, 2007
The Mystery Picture Revealed

Thanks for the guesses and you were on the right track. This is 4 lbs. of cotton sock loops. I just love them and have another box waiting for me to work with after this project. So what you do is loop them together and make your own very bulky yarn with knots between. It was suggested that you could weave a bath mat and the pic shown was beautiful, but I had the idea to knit a bath mat, taken from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting.
So I looped them all together and got a giant ball of super bulky yarn. Mamacita had one end and me the other and helped me to loop them together. I put it on my niddy-noddy and surprising it was only about 53 yards of yarn. I wasn't sure I would get a nice size bathmat out of it. So I cast on using size 15 US needles and I think about 20 stitches. That was all I could fit on the needles. It was very tight and quite uncomfortable to knit. So I found a pair of 17 US needles at the large discount store and was able to knit about 24 stitches.
And this is what I'm getting. It's super bulky and nubby and I have a garter border and then stockinette in the middle because it's nicer on the feet. It's super soft and squishy. I just love it. I'm almost done. In fact I think I'll save this post and add a pic of the finished product. I'm really happy with it and have another 4 lb. box waiting for me!

Here is the finished product and I'm super happy with it! It's a good size and it's soft and squishy and going in the bathroom today! It's really great because it's really durable but can be put in the washer and dryer, no problem. I needed a little more yarn to finish the garter edging so I opened the next box of loops waiting for me and just added them on, instead of tearing out a couple rows and reknitting. I'm glad I did.
Look at Mr.Henry! Isn't he regal?! He ventured out to the front room all by himself and sat in this chair for awhile checking out the scenery. We have Tom and Henry down to one eating dish, water dish and cat box, they are doing well, but not hanging out together yet. The most they will do is sit on the bed together, but not too close.And here are my boys, sharing space on the washer, eating. They are really starting to do well together.I also finished this pair of socks yesterday, using the Francis Patrick hand-dyed yarns. I love it and I also starting knitting a toe down sock pattern I got from Wendy Knits. And I'm not sure I'll ever make socks the other way again! It's so simple to start with the toe and not have ANY seaming! And then I started a purple pair last night. I'm so in love with this yarn. I think these socks are for my bro. He needs good socks to keep his tootsies warm.

After we had our Champagne Brunch including ham and sweet rolls, eggs, and our Easter goodie candy plate we went outside to give our dog Rufus some yummies and Mamacita said I needed to go see the bougainvillea because they looked glorious, and they do, don't they? The lighter one is a pale pink, almost white, but gorgeous and this is part of why my heart is in California. Look at the beautifulness! Is that a work? If not, it should be...

Happy Easter!



Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

What a cool idea!! I love that!

Blogger Tori said...

Great Idea! Did you cut and put the loops together yourself? What a great idea for using up old socks. I teach in sock feet and am constantly wearing out socks! Now I know what to do with them as they look fine except the heels. Great pics of the boys and your garden! Take care, Tori

Blogger TeaMouse said...

I guess I wasn't too far off base.

Happy Easter!

We do have egg fights here too, that tradition comes from my Grandpa who is no longer with us and my kids have kept it up...it always reminds me of him.

Blogger NOLADawn said...

Those Bougainvilleas are beautiful! We just planted a pink one.

Blogger Aldon Hynes said...

Mr. Henry looks a lot like our Maine Coon Cat, Reilly.

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