May 27, 2007
Happy Sunday!

I hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend. We here are having a nice and uneventful weekend, sometimes just the kind I like. Yesterday I did some cleaning and laundry, some napping and knitting. I love the feeling that tomorrow is not a work day for me.

Well, I mentioned that I had a wake up call when I went to the Dr's on Wednesday and so since then I've resolved to just do better. No real rules but I am not having any alcohol, no glass of wine with dinner or a casual drink on the weekend. I'm just leaving it alone for now. And I'm very conscious of what I'm eating and I'm also making sure I drink my water. The good news is that since Wednesday I've lost 4 lbs! It's amazing how making a few changes can make a huge difference. And I've made a few goals for myself and one is that I'm going to tackle this 5 lbs at a time. It's too overwhelming to think of it any other way for me, so 5 lbs at a time I can deal with. And I've decided that for every 5 lbs. I will reward myself by being able to buy yarn only after losing 5 lbs. I think it's a good incentive for me because I've been buying a lot of my favorite sock yarn and now I have to think about it. And I also have a larger goal down the road and when I hit that I'm buying a pendant for myself at Tiffany and Co. This too is a great incentive for me because I really want this necklace. I also still need to incorporate walking and other forms of exercise into my life. I set my alarm this Saturday to get up and go walking, but I didn't. But I'm not going to get down on myself, I'll just try again. I'm also reading You on a Diet and like the attitude so far. I'm taking care of myself and that feels good.

I'm going to get some organic and healthy food today and tomorrow I will put in containers salads for the week. I think I have to try and plan ahead whatever I can do because it just doesn't get done last minute before I go to work.

While Mamacita was in Minnesota she had a visit with an old friend and she served this yummy salad to her. I've made my own and this is what's in it.

Romaine lettuce, and or any greens you like
1 or 2 dates, chopped
seasoned goat cheese, crumbled or spooned on top
small tomatoes, cut in quarters
vinaigrette dressing or
drizzle lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little Balsamic Vinegar

The contrast between the dates and the cheese with the vinaigrette dressing is amazing. Try it!

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