May 29, 2007
I attract healthy friends who enjoy eating healthy foods.

It's official. I've lost 5 lbs! I'm feeling really good this a.m. I know that I'm doing well and really changing habits. I had the opportunity to have a martini and thought for a split second, oh why not, but then I just didn't want to and didn't. I haven't been perfect and that's what I'm learning I will never be perfect and that's ok. Last night after taking my brother to his place Mamacita and I came home and I prepared salads for me for the week. I added mesclun greens and romaine, organic, and edamame and 1 date cut up and crumbled goat cheese. I have the vinaigrette dressing at work. We grilled a bunch of vegetables yesterday for dinner and so I brought some of that too. I grilled yellow squash, zucchini, red and yellow green peppers and mushroom. I drizzled about 1-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled it with this no salt seasoning from Penzey's. They were yummy. I've got Mamacita getting organic milk for us now and she said she was so surprised but that the organic tastes much better to her. I agree and it lasts longer too, has a longer shelf life. It's worth the cost in our estimation. And we don't drink that much milk anyway so it's good that it lasts longer.

I have decided that I'm concentrating on my eating this week and forgetting the walking for now because I was getting stressed. I didn't get up over the weekend and walk and instead of worrying about it I'm going to concentrate on one thing at a time. I'm losing without the exercise and I know that has to change but for this week that's what I'm doing.

Ooooh, time to go buy a skein of yarn now....



Blogger TeaMouse said...

I like the idea of preparing the salad ahead of time - that would be such a handy way to ensure healthy eating. When I get rushed I grab junk to eat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Michelle. I needed to lose a little weight and I found that eliminating alcohol and sugar was a huge help. I've substituted Splenda when I need sugar.

Also, I read an article this weekend that said working with weights was more beneficial than cardio for weight loss. What do you think?


Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Good point Mammy, I have some weights and I can do that at home. I too love Splenda, i'm good about sugar.

I scrolled down to see what your wake-up call was from the doctor but didn't see it. Mine was when I went to have my teeth cleaned 4 years ago and my blood pressure was high enough that the tech wanted me to go straight to the ER!!! Now I'm on meds but still haven't lost the weight(could stand to get rid of 50 pounds). I'm hoping to change that by diet and walking but my feet/hips are rebeling bigtime with ligament and tendon pain and bursitis. Good luck with your health improvements!! Oh yeah, I saw your *before* pic in your profile thingy and your new haircut post, it is like two different people, the new one is very sophisticated and pretty!


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