May 15, 2007
I deserve love and joy and all that is good.

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My father passed away a year ago today. It's really hard to imagine that it's been a whole year. Where does the time go? It seems that it wasn't that long ago that we got the call. And then life was a blur for at least the next week. It seems that we are not even use to Dad not being there yet. The good part is that we talk about him a lot and we have really great memories. He's still a part of our lives and always will be. I have a picture in my mind of his hands. They were large and manly, always groomed fingernails. And they were strong but soft. I still miss him.


Anonymous Adam said...

I know the feeling. My parents are still alive, but my grandfather passed away a few years back on Valentine's Day. It's always sort of a bittersweet day for me in that regard.

Blogger Tink said...

I know the feeling... It's 11 years ago that my dad died and almost a year ago that my mum went to join him. Hang in there, sweetie!

Blogger JAM said...

Sorry about your Dad. I still think of things or hear jokes or whatnot that my first thought is, I'd like to tell Dad about that. He died in 1994, and I still miss him. But like you and your family, we talk about him and remember him with love. It helps to do so.

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Big hugs to you!!

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