May 13, 2007
Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you with kids or the furry kind of kids! I think Mamacita enjoyed her morning. We got up and I made brunch with Raspberry Bellini's. I made the fresh raspberry sauce and then mixed it with Prosecco, an Italian champagne. I made breakfast sausage links, Egg's Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and asparagus, fruit, spinach pasta salad and 3 mini deserts, chocolate raspberry cake, coconut cake and a key lime tart. See how pretty everything looked...

We had already given her flowers and we also gave her a spa package for a hot stone reflexology massage and pedicure. They both loved the egg's benedict and I was pleasantly surprised that making the hollandaise sauce from scratch was not difficult. I used an easy recipe that you make in the blender with egg yolks and seasoning and then you add hot melted butter. It was creamy and thick and yummy. I also did not know how to really poach eggs but Mamacita said I have a natural knack for it because she said they were cooked perfectly.

She is now taking a nap, the Prosecco made her sleepy and I'll soon follow with a nap because I just got a headache...


Blogger TeaMouse said...

Your breakfast looked absolutely delicious - what a wonderful treat!

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