May 15, 2007
Sock Pics!

Mamacita is taking the camera so I was encouraged to take the pics and upload them as promised.

These are the socks I finished the other night and I'm very happy with them. I love the Lang Jawool yarn. It's superwash and is wool, cotton and nylon. The feel of it is really nice. I have to find some more of this yarn because I really wanted these for me but I decided to give them to my Aunt in MN. I hope she likes them.

These are made with the Francis Patrick hand dyed yarns that I love. I'm not sure I love this pattern because the leg is all ribbing and it looks funny like this. I tried them on and they are very comfortable on so I guess that is what matters.

This is a nice hank of yarn that I received from winning an ebay auction. There is enough yarn to make 3 pairs of socks. I think the colors will stripe in chunks, but we'll see.

Isn't this little doodad cool?! I received it from my Aunt and I just love it, it is made to go on the side of an armchair and the thing really works. There's some of that plastic on the back of the bean bag part and it holds. I end up putting it on the chair and then in the a.m. I pick it up and put it in my bag to knit at work. Really handy.

OK, there's a pic of the yarn cake for you to see the colors, but i began knitting 2 socks at once on circs and using the inside and outside of the yarn but look what it did. One sock was mottled (the one on the right) and the left one is subtly striped. They were just too different so I continued with the sock on the right and when finished I'll start the 2nd sock and it should look the same.

So there are sock pics and yarn and my little bag.

Have to get ready to leave early tomorrow and take Mamacita to the airport so tata for now!



Blogger TeaMouse said...

Beautiful knitting! I am in awe!

Anonymous Lady Rose said...

wow those are so cool and lovely!!! I can only crochet -- I so admired knitting. Thanks for sharing the pics. Lady Rose

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