May 21, 2007
Today I have plenty of time.

Thank you for all the nice comments on my new do. I was so excited after I left the salon because I felt so good, so different and new. I felt lighter and more confident. And this is coming from someone who has had my hair this short only one other time in my life, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I hated it. I have my school picture from that time and I look miserable. I always had the belief, especially after gaining weight, that longer hair was more flattering. People would say they thought I'd look good with shorter hair and I'd quickly dismiss it. "Oh no, I'm too heavy." or "Maybe when I lose the weight." So I went in Saturday planning to change the color because I've been considering for a long time going totally natural in my color, which is silver/white/grey over 50% on my crown and a medium brown elsewhere. I told my hairdresser Narine (the best hairdresser around in my opinion!) So we discussed how to do this and she asked another hairdresser and they were explaining what they should do and that's when the shorter haircut discussion came up. I immediately said, oh no it'll make me look bigger. But they explained how the opposite was true, that it would elongate my neck, not just hang on me. I guess I was in a mood and it's also because I trust Narine, but I said, let's do it.

And another thing I have to note is that my best bud Julie, she is the type of friend who will share her hairdresser. That's how I met Narine and I'm grateful. Sad but true, some ladies are stingy with their hairdresser, but not my Jul! Thanks!

Change is good. That is what I'm learning. And sometimes our beliefs hold us back. I always just thought a certain way about my hair and I was wrong. And it felt good to be open to change and I totally have benefited from changing my thinking. It's been a small life lesson for me.

So then the big deal was~can I style it myself? So I did my hair last night after my shower. In which I used way too much shampoo. I guess it'll take me awhile to realize that I don't have as much hair now. Then I blew it dry which even though I took more time drying it with a large round brush it went quicker because I don't have as much bulk. I was really happy with how it came out on my own. Then this a.m. I ran over it with a flat-iron. I can do this!

So my coworker was surprised, and it's interesting to see people's reactions. A guy from down the hall noticed I cut it and colored it but he didn't say he liked it or not but he's a dude so whatever. My coworker loves it. A lady I saw in the bathroom mentioned it and was complimentary but tomorrow will be interesting when I see my bosses and pick up Mamacita at the airport tomorrow night. I hope people like it but truly it's most important what I think and I like it!

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Blogger TeaMouse said...

I love your new look! I've been trying to gather up the courage to chop off my locks and they aren't nearly as long as yours were. I just find that lately I am always wearing it up and if that's the case then why does it have to be long.

Your cut totally suits you!

Blogger TopChamp said...

lovely hair!

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