May 1, 2007
Wherever I am, there is joy and laughter.

The dried roses are gone... after a couple people told me that it was bad feng shui I went to investigate, I wondered why. This site says this...

In practising Feng Shui, it is best to stay away from artificial or dried flowers, since these symbolise decay or lifelessness. Instead, buy living plants and deadhead them regularly, clearing away any dead stems or flowers, or fill your home with fresh flowers. This will encourage good energy flow and give you a sense of balance and calmness.

And I certainly don't want decay and lifelessness in my life. That kind of explains my love life, but I'm OK with that. But I'm not satisfied, I want to have all good things, I want a loving relationship.

Today is May Day, the 1st of May. How is it possible to be May already? The Los Angeles area is expecting a protest from people who want immigration reform. High Schoolers are expected to be leaving class. Like thousands are expected to leave school and they are going to shut down streets, they have already actually. My personal feeling is that we as Americans have the right to protest but peacefully and lawfully. Those kids need to stay in school and not break laws. And if they are illegal, they don't have the right to protest in this country. Immigrant workers are expected to strike today and not work. Again, if you are here legally, protest all you want. If you are not, I do not want to hear it.

I finally think I have my bed situated right. I've had a magnetic pad that someone gave me but I've had many restless nights. I turned it around and Mamacita got me a nice mattress pad cover that goes over the top and the last 2 nights I've slept really well!


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