June 30, 2007
Crazy Days!

I've been very busy with work with both of my bosses out of town for 2 weeks. That leaves me to take care of it all. We have a temp who comes in, she's great and helps with the phones and people coming in but it's been very hectic. This morning I had to make 2 deposits for work and then I got some things finally in the mail! So Tori and Dawn, your gift is on it's way.

I've almost finished one of my 'Vog On socks and will cast on for the other. Love the pattern but I'm having trouble figuring out the Picot Bind Off. I'll get it. I've also started a Mystery Stole 3 KAL, it's kind of cool. You are given the pattern in clues and nobody knows, except for the creator Melanie, what the stole will look like finished. I haven't casted on yet, still figuring out my yarn choices. And I must pick from stash as my scale hasn't moved in 2 weeks. The good news there is it hasn't gone up. I'm jonesing to buy yarn....oh yes, I'm an addict. I almost did without realizing it about a week ago, i almost bought yarn and was 2 clicks away from ordering and said, "Oh crap....I can't buy yarn!" And this was for a good cause, it's to help Annie Modesitt who's dear hubby has been diagnosed with cancer. Does that give me an excuse? Maybe? Perhaps? Well, if you'd like to help, go check out her site and go to the link, We Love Annie.

Suffering from a migraine and girl troubles today, but I took a pill and slept for awhile and feeling better now except for this dang heat! I bet it's over 100 today! Keep cool and have a great weekend!


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