June 28, 2007
Friday's Feast #7/150

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?

8 - 2 sets of earrings, 2 rings, a toe ring and a bracelet.
*update I forgot a pearl necklace and a watch, so I usually wear 10 items!

What is your favorite instrumental song?
I'm really bad with song names, but instrumental made me think of Joe Satriani and any of his guitar solos. Now you know I'm a product of the 80's.
Who has a last name that you like?

I love the name Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. In fact, when I was divorcing I was changing my name back and found out that I could legally change my name to anything I wanted and I considered changing it to Holly Golightly.

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.
I can't remember the name but it was Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn and they were going down the river?...
Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me more content than like when I'm knitting.


Blogger Gattina said...

A toe ring ? Doesn't that hurt when you walk with shoes ?

Blogger Eleisia said...

Great feast answers.
Like the name Holly Golightly and Breakfast at Tiffanys.
The movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn going down the river was River Queen or African Queen or something like that.

Blogger Susanna said...

Happy Friday to you :)

Anonymous Nicole said...

yep it was African Queen. LOL Never saw it either. And I don't feel bad at all. :) Great feast!

Blogger Hootin'Anni said...

It's "African Queen" his character's name is Mr. Allnut I believe....and I love your name you chose...Holly Golightly! Cool.

Happy feasting.

Blogger tegdirb92 said...

I agree with your salad--cool name!! Great feast.

Blogger Lori said...

I wish I knew how to make your dessert. It sounds yummy. Happy FF.

Anonymous Imogen said...

1. Had to look your main course up...It appears that the movie (released in 1951) is called "The African Queen" (and now I have to watch it, hehehe. I'm a sucker for old movies.)

2. Loved Breakfast at Tiffany's (own and must have watched at least 10 times...)

3. As for Joe Satriani's guitar solos -I rest my case ;)

Loved the feast. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous Misslionheart said...

'Breakfast at Tiffanys' is a great film. I *love* where she sings 'Moon River' on the guitar outside the window. I read her biography, it was sooo good.

Lovely feast. Thankyou.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! Breakfast at Tiffany's! My daughter's favorite. Golightly is an unusual name by then Holly was an unusual gal!

My daughter had her picture taken at the window in NYC where Audrey Hepburn stood!!

Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

I was torn between a Satriani track and Vai but couldn't remember the name of the Satriani track so went with Vai. Breakfast At Tiffanys is my fave movie!

Anonymous Amy's Zoo said...

Holly Golightly, that's cute!

Blogger Bea said...

I haven't seen The African Queen either. I have to add it to my list of classics to watch. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Blogger Jenny said...

Love the name Holly Golightly! :)

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