June 6, 2007
I am willing to see my magnificence.

The scale was up 1 lb. this a.m. but I'm not feeling defeated. I know that I've made good changes and I'm doing well and I think it's normal to fluctuate. I'm still continuing with my efforts.

Mamacita and I went to an Adult Education Award Ceremony last night where my brother received an award for a Technology Certificate. He goes to the Adult Education classes during the week and he earned this award by learning more about computers, email, word processing. He received a pin and a certificate. And of course, my camera batteries died as he was given the award...dang it! Very proud of him!

Did you know you can do traffic school online now? Yes sir and that is what will be occupying my evenings until I finish my class. I don't know how many times I've had calls from upset people with an increase in their auto premium and they had the option to go to school and did not. It's insane not to, it's definitely worth your time and money. For us in CA, it erases the ticket from your record.

I got a letter yesterday and my mammogram was good! One thing to check off the list. Now if I could make myself get in the habit of doing self-mammogram monthly. Do any of you do that? How do you make it a habit? I'm curious how many women do it, they say it like every woman does, but I wonder. It's like flossing your teeth, I wonder if I'm the only one who struggles with it, I cannot make it a habit.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem flossing my teeth but I never remember to do breast self exam. I went to the gynocolgist Monday for the first time in eight years....my previous doctor retired and I just kinda let it go....easy to do. They didn't scold me at the doctor's office or look at me like I had two heads so I guess I'm not the first to let the yearly visit slide. Also, I'm past menopause so I don't have to worry about birth control, etc. Ooops, now you all know I'm ancient.

Keep up the good work, Michypoo. It's natural to go up and down so don't give up cause you gained a pound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never do a monthly self exam. After 2 abnormal mammograms, with one resulting in a biopsy that turned out to be negative, and not being able to feel either abnormality, I decided that I can do without the constant fear that there might be something there. However, I would not skip the annual mammogram. I did change the date to after the Christmas holidays. A biopsy does ruin your Christmas.

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