June 2, 2007
I look with wonder at everything around me.

I'm down 7 lbs! 3 more and I can buy my 10 lb. skein. I received my 5 lb. skein of yarn and it's beautiful. I'm going to call them my 5 lb. socks! I will have to mark the yarn so I don't forget. I feel so much better in this last week just by changing my diet it's truly remarkable. I lost even though I have not been perfect. I had fish tacos for lunch and a bean and cheese burrito, chips and taquitos for dinner yesterday. The difference, it was OK to have that and I didn't finish it all because I was full and I don't have to and I knew that it wasn't that I blew it so who cares, I knew that I'm okay and there's no getting on the wagon again. So this a.m. I had my whole grain Ralston cereal that Mamacita made and then after picking up my brother I came home and had some cantaloupe. I'm off to costco to get some goodies, like edamame and did you know that they have organic food? I was amazed. So I'll get some romaine and field greens, vine tomatoes, and fruit.

It's overcast today and I love it! Reading a really great book called
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It's a page turner...guess you know what else I'll be doing this weekend. After I get some work done around the house.


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