June 4, 2007
I sever my ties to the past and live in the wonderful now.

Happy Monday! I like Mondays, it's a new beginning and I hardly ever have an awful Monday. I woke up saying that I was going to sell a policy today. No reason, I don't have anything in particular in the works but that was the thought in my mind. So around 9:30 a man walks in that I've never seen before and says, I need liability... so he had a terminated auto policy and wanted to start his auto policy again. Turns out he needs to come back with the proper paperwork in order for me to start he policy. He hasn't come back so I'm not sure it'll actually happen but I couldn't help but think of my thought this morning when he came in.

Mamacita had a bad fall at the mall yesterday. We were in a store, I was going to buy something and in line and Mamacita was waiting outside with my brother. Then one of the workers came up to the line and says, Do we have a Michele here? She told me my Mom fell and so I dropped everything and went to the front of the store, she was sitting down but she got tangled up with one of their tables, trying to get out of the way for a lady with a stroller and she fell on her knees and one arm. She was OK, but wanted to go home and ice, so we did. I put tiger balm on her neck last night and she assured me she didn't hit her head and was OK and didn't need to go to urgent care. She went to work this a.m. and when I talked to her she was so surprised, but she felt great. The store people were very nice. It could have been worse, so I'm glad she is OK. She even wants to go walking tonight. I think I can think of it this week, so that's the plan for tonight.

Last night I grilled eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, red and orange peppers for the week. And I also made salads for me for the week. Feels good to be prepared. I ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday and i had a bite of Mamacita and Gary's pizza and had my own California Club pizza but was full after half of it. Took it home but Mamacita will eat it. And I didn't gain this a.m. so that was great! It felt good to be in control of my eating even at a restaurant.


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