June 11, 2007
Nature thrills me, renews me, and refreshes me.

I was sick on Friday and stayed home. Something wrong with my tummy. Started feeling better Saturday which was good because I watched my friends girls Saturday night. The girls are 10, and twins who are 4. They were well behaved. We played and they went swimming and then we had dinner and then a bath and then to bed.

Mamacita's car overheated Friday on the way home and so I had to go help her. I took it in this morning to be looked at and it seems she may need a new radiator. But she loves her car. I got a shuttle to work and will pick it up after work.

We went to a Cat Show on Sunday, sponsored by Cat Fanciers. Our first cat show! It was really pretty neat. It was held indoors in 1 building at the Orange County Fairgrounds. We watched some cat judging, saw many different types of cats and fell in love with a Sable Burmese. Mamacita liked the Burmese too but likes the champagne color. We got a few cards and we may buy one in the near future. She'll have some champagne kittens in about 6 months. They are gorgeous cats, they are small but sturdy, round head, short hair and very cuddly and companionable. This 3rd cat will be my brother's cat, who's afraid of cats, so we're working on that. I think it'd be so good for him to have a companion like that. I think if he gets used to a cat, he'll be fine.

I got an invite to Ravelry!!! And wow, is it cool! I am logging in my stash and needles and projects and have a friend on there already. They are not yet ready, but are inviting people as able so go sign up and get your name on the list. So far, I'm so excited about this site, it's really great! And I found a pattern on there for entrelac and FINALLY have got it I think! I'm working on a bathroom towel for my bathroom and will post pics tonight. I'm so excited that I finally got this. I've tried entrelac many times and haven't been able to master it, so I'm happy about this. I see entrelac scarfs and a wrap in my future!

I haven't updated my ticker because I'm trying to weigh once a week on Wednesdays. But this weekend, especially with not feeling well, has been a challenge. It's getting harder but I'm still moving on and making changes. It won't be perfect and that's kind of hard for me to accept, but I am. Overall, I'm better than where I was.

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