June 20, 2007
No matter how others behave, I keep peace in my heart.

I started on my 'Vog On Socks last night. I'm using Francis Patrick yarn in a really pretty colorway called Mountain Wildflowers. I had started another sock using this yarn, but I did not like it so I decided to use it for this project because it's really beautiful yarn. Here is a link to a pic of my started project on Ravelry. Speaking of which, I hope all of you who have signed up have received your invite to be on Ravelry because it's really, really.....really cool! And if you did get on Ravelry please add me as a friend, I am mitchypoo on there.

I think we're finally going to have a knit night tomorrow. We being my best bud Jul and me. There is a knit shop that is open late til 7 pm on Thursday's and that works for us. Other knit nights are from 7-9 pm, but frankly, that's too late for both of us. Yes, I'm an old lady... :) Geez, what happened to the nights when we didn't go out until after 9 pm and would come home sometimes as the sun would rise. That was a long time ago and truly, I don't miss those days too much.


Blogger Kathleen said...

I have not been accepted on the KAL and I have tried 2 times. I finished my "Vog On" and love them. I am definately going to make another pair when I can get more of the yarn I used. Come see

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