June 5, 2007
When I listen to my inner guidance, I am on the magic pathway.

I had a bit of a struggle last night. I was able to get rid of the headache earlier with excedrin migraine and I was very thankful for that, but I believe my blood sugar dropped in the afternoon and I started to not feel well. I felt very anxious, just not well. When I got home I needed to just sit for awhile and knit to calm myself. I wasn't even hungry for dinner so I did not eat. But then I felt like I needed to eat something so I had toast, whole wheat toast with a slice of cheese and some cinnamon sugar. I felt better after that. I decided to listen to my body and just take care of me. I also got the munchies after feeling better and succumbed to about 1 tbsp. of cheese dip and some chips, but only about a handful, so all in all, it could have been worse.

The scale was the same this a.m. and I feel great this a.m. Getting ready to have my muesli and organic yogurt for breakfast.

I got a package of Caribou Coffee in the mail yesterday. 2 lbs. of coffee beans and a really cool mug! Thanks to a gift card from my Auntie. We don't have Caribou Coffee here in CA and I really do miss them. They have a blend called Amy's Blend that benefits the Susan G. Kommen Foundation for breast cancer. Amy was one of their coffee roasters who died from breast cancer and they do it to honor her. The blend is available in May and October. I missed May, it sold out. Will have to try again in October.


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