July 17, 2007

I was kind of bummed over the weekend thinking about that poor baby boy and feeling bad for the adoptive parents who came to get him from MI and were terribly disappointed when the bio-mom changed her mind. Then I decided I needed to give the booties to another baby, but no responses. NONE. Until yesterday when someone from Ravelry told me about a truly sad story of a baby girl who's mother died during birth. So they were going to the baby girl even though they were baby blue.

Then today my boss told me the most amazing story! The bio-mom changed her mind again and the baby was given to them. It makes me feel bad for the bio-mom too, I'm sure it was a difficult decision and I feel for her pain, but ultimately, I care about what is best for the baby and I'm sure she made the right decision. So the baby blue booties are going to the boy and I'm making another pair for the baby girl. Now I feel better.


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