July 31, 2007
I am the happiest person I can be!

The affirmation today makes me remember that you create your own happiness and so today, despite my trials and tribulations, I am a happy person. Truly I am. I have many things to be happy about and I'm hopeful for things too. I'm grateful also for my many blessings.

My ticker has changed! Finally! I'm starting to lose again. Could be the extra movement at the gym or it could be that I've been really good with my food. I've eaten fast food once since seeing Super Size Me. And I had that because we ended up at the food court and there wasn't really any good choices. That movie/documentary has really impacted me. I was talking to my friend about the movie while we were at a restaurant having a quick bite and as I'm talking to her I'm thinking about certain scenes in the movie and then I stopped.....she's like, what?..... I said, I have to stop talking about it, change the subject.... and so she started talking about some new beauty product, or her husband, I don't know. I was going to get ill, just thinking about it while eating.

The gym has stopped calling but now when I go in every time it's a hassle...have to sign this waiver, and by the way, would I like to discuss the memberships...no, i just want to work out...then Sat. this guy after telling him he was really rude and said, ok, go ahead, and left me up front and I wasn't sure how to get in because the one side you had to have a card, so I said, which way, that way, and he says..."Well, of course not, YOU are not a MEMBER.." Well, kiss my ass you rude man. I'm definitely going to have to complain I guess. I would think they'd be wanting to treat me better because I'm the one who needs it the most. I don't want to think it's discrimination but part of me thinks it is.

I'm starting a weight management class tonight thru my insurance. I'm looking forward to it, except the weigh in, measurement part. I'm open to learning and improving my health and I guess I'll have to deal with the uncomfortable stuff too.

Tom is happy now that Little Bit is gone, he's still not crazy about taking his medication but Mamacita said she thought he almost had an audible meow yesterday. Henry is still having trouble with his chin acne, poor little dude. He had some blood pockets and over the weekend I checked him and he had an honest to God hole on his chin, it was like they opened up, so he's getting the cream again and it now seems to be healing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on losing again. Keep up the exercise even though you have to put up with rude people. Remember, what goes around...comes around.

That cat acne is a bummer to get rid of but once we did it never came back. We changed our feeding dishes to glass ones not plastic and got in the habit of changing them daily.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Yay!! Good for you!!

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